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Formula 1 RC Cars

Manila, Philippines - We race the Tamiya F103 and F104 rc car kits. Out of the box, these are very fast, competitive, and cheapest rc race cars you can buy. Below is a beautifully done model from Hector (hgcolors).

Tamiya F1 rc car.

You can buy these at Lil's hobby shop. Visit the RC Hobby Shops section of this website for location and phone numbers of the shops. Then check out the racing events schedule and join us in racing at JP Raceway.

Simply buy the Tamiya F1 kit, a cheap Futaba radio controller, 1600SP Nicad battery pack, TLP battery charger, and a cheap TEU electronic speed controller. All in all you can have a racing machine for less than PHP14K.

Tamiya F1 rc car chassis.

Below is F1 rc racing in Japan. Hopefully soon we will have as many racers here in the Philippines.

F1 rc in Japan.

See you soon in our F1 races in JP Raceway. Just approach any of us, we are friendly and willing to help you get started in rc racing.

F1 RC Rules (tentative)

In general, to have fun. Bawal nakasimangot sa driver's stand :)
Body - Must look like F1. If you have le mans, feel free to join.
Chassis - Open, but preferrably the Tamiya F1 chassis.
Engine - Only 2 hole Mabuchi/Johnson 540 sealed motor. No tampering, no magnetism enhancement.
Tires - Open, but preferrably the Tamiya F1 rubber or foam tires. Must be F1 type tires.
Battery - Open.
Race etiquette - To encourage everyone to have fun, no lapping rule is in effect. Racing all the way!!! If you are a faster driver, find a way to overtake the slower cars (if you can)!
Race format - Fastest lap qualifying. In general 10 minute races and sometimes a 30 minute race with pitstop. Will vary race formats to keep us all challenged. But always be ready to race for at least 30 to 60 minutes total per race day.

Below is list of F1 racers in the Philippines

The F1 Club

1. Neil Severino
2. Alan Colico
3. Joel Mangilit
4. Mark Flores
5. Ron Convento
6. Raj Sajwani
7. Louie
8. Noel Aldaba
9. Anton Ramos
10. Raymund Aguilar
11. Ludwig Llanora
12. Alec Ladanga
13. Alfonso Ramos
14. Archie Martinez
15. Alex
16. Rey Parco
17. Benjie Gabriel
18. JP Reyes
19. Dax Dacayan
20. Leo N
21. Felix Chua
22. Ges Mangilit
23. Ralph Vaggas
24. Harvey Buenviaje
25. Taka
26. Norman Cruz
27. Arnold Dalusung
28. Max Park
29. Edward Angtuaco
30. Michael De Guzman
31. Jason Dela Cruz
32. Bam Cruz
33. Christian Saplala
34. Drew Saplala
35. Kerwin Lim


Fast RC Cars Online Guide
Contents: Introduction to fast rc cars. Beginner's guide to buying and racing F1 and mini rc cars. Hobby shop and track location.  

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